About Hip Hip Gourmet

Halloween 2018 was upon us and I couldn’t help but hop on the ‘pumpkin errrrrr-thang’ bandwagon. I had extra blocks of cream cheese in my fridge (really don’t remember why I would have even had these but does that really matter now?!) so obviously the only option was to make something pumpkin spice-y. It was my first cheesecake ever and honestly, like my third ever experience with baking altogether. I kinda laughed at how good it came out on the first go. No cracks. Light. Fluffy. And quite frankly, damn delicious. While my bf and I knew we could tackle the entire pumpkin pie cheesecake in one sitting, I decided to spare our bodies the couple extra pounds and brought some into work to share with my fellow colleagues instead.

And, after just one bite, the owner of the restaurant I worked in for the past 4 years, looked at me and said “we need to get this on the menu!”

So, just like that, my first cheesecake turned into my 100th and I became Toronto’s current cheesecake qwwwweeeen. I never considered myself a dessert person but always had a soft spot for a good slice of cheesecake. Annnnd now my life literally revolves around ’em. Crazy what gets thrown at you when you least expect it!

More about Cheesecakes


I wanted to find a way to tie this altogether- this fluky cheesecake business that I would have never saw myself doing but love so much and my passion for whippin’ up a good tasting home cooked meal. So that’s what you’ll find here. A mix of all the good stuff. Related to food and cooking (mostly healthy). Related to my homemade cheesecake business. Related to recipes I’ve tried and loved and been inspired by in the past. My own recipes. Products I use and love on the daily. Just about anything I feel like sharing that day.

So, let’s get started, shall we?