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jars of pickled red onions next to chopsticks
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Say hello to your new best friend – Quick and Easy Pickled Onions aka my all time favourite way to add a boost of flavour and satisfying crunch to just about any meal! Add them to burgers, sandwiches, tacos, bowls, salads, cheese, or charcuterie boards and more! If you know anything about me – or […]

garlic butter mushrooms with parsley in a bowl
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Loaded with garlic, butter, and parsley, these Mushrooms with Garlic Butter make the best side dish or topping to virtually any meal! Add them to burgers, eggs, steak, or chicken, there’s nothing they don’t go good with! Everyone will be begging for seconds! I’m a hands down mushrooms LOVA. Yup, said it! I love ALL […]

pieces of bruschetta on a plate
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Fresh, flavourful, and so easy to make, this Bread Bruschetta Recipe is perfect for gatherings or entertaining! It’s loaded with diced tomatoes, minced garlic, and chopped fresh basil. Truly delicious and a classic for a reason! IMHO, everyone needs a classic and easy bruschetta recipe they can always rely on. Am I right?! The kind […]

mashed cauliflower in a bowl topped with bacon, green onions and cheddar cheese
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This Mashed Cauliflower Recipe is packed and loaded with the traditional goods you’d typically find in loaded mashed potatoes but without the high carb count! It’s got sour cream, cheddar cheese, roasted garlic, crispy bacon and scallions… what’s not to love?! I’ve had my fair share versions of low carb ‘mashed potatoes’ since experimenting with […]

slices of raw peameal bacon on a cutting board
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Peameal Bacon is a Canadian treasure that is delicious, lean, and IMHO, something that everyone should try! It’s the perfect breakfast food, goes great with eggs, or in a sandwich and the best part is that it’s pretty dang easy to make yourself at home! Alright, y’all. I have a bit of a confession to […]

side view of broccoli in a bowl
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Tender and crisp broccoli florets are so easy to achieve with this simple to follow Steaming Broccoli Recipe. It could not be any easier to make and all you need is a head of broccoli and a steamer basket to get started! If there’s one thing that’s always on my shopping list week after week, […]