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bowl of thai peanut sauce with a wooden spoon in it and tips of chopsticks in the background
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This Recipe for Thai Peanut Sauce is super addicting and pairs well with almost anything! It’s rich, flavourful, smooth, velvety and absolutely delicious! This All Purpose Peanut Sauce is fresh, flavourful and will absolutely elevate anything you put it on (and the options are pretty endless!). Use it as a dip, dressing, marinade or sauce! […]

bowl of cauliflower rice mexican, half a lime in the bowl with sliced green onions and jalapenos, small bowl of green onions in the background next to some cilantro and a whole lime, hand holding two spoons in the bowl
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Use this Cauliflower Rice Mexican Style to elevate your in house fiestas! Perfect on it’s own or an asset to any homemade Mexican meal. Tacos, fajitas, quesadillas…say no more! Looking for a Low Carb (Keto friendly) side dish that the whole family will love? Then this Mexican Cauliflower Rice has got you covered! It’s easy […]