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chicken saltimbocca in a cast iron skillet with lemon and fried sage
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Get ready to elevate your dinner game with a mouthwatering twist on a classic favourite! Dive into the irresistible flavours of tender chicken wrapped in prosciutto, infused with aromatic sage, and finished with a tangy white wine sauce. This Chicken Saltimbocca recipe is sure to steal the show at your next gathering! Where my Food […]

chicken nuggets in a lined dish with ketchup on the side
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Skip the drive-thru and indulge in homemade chicken nuggets bursting with flavour! Crispy on the outside and tender on the inside, this Recipe for Nuggets is a kid-approved favourite that’s so easy to make at home. I don’t know why but when I was making this recipe, every single step of the way, I had […]

bowl of thai basil chicken with rice
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To the streets of Thailand we go with this quick and easy to make recipe for Chicken with Thai Basil. This fragrant herb has a unique depth of flavour that transports you straight to the bustling markets of Bangkok! If you’ve ever been to Thailand then I’m sure you’re most definitely aware of all the […]

casserole dish with penne pasta in tomato sauce with fresh basil
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This Chicken Parm Pasta Bake combines two beloved things – chicken parmesan and pasta! It’s loaded with tender chunks of chicken, fresh tomato sauce, and two kinds of ooey, gooey cheese. What could be better?! I know you’ll agree with me when I say that good ol’ classic Italian chicken parmesan is a dish that […]

a whole roasted chicken with lemon, herbs, onions and carrots
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This Whole Roasted Chicken is a comforting classic that is so much easier to pull off than you might think. It’s tender on the inside, crispy on the outside and is the perfect meal to satisfy the whole entire family. Embarrassingly so, there was a time in my life (long ago, of course) when I […]

bowl of butter chicken served with rice and naan bread, garnished with fresh chopped parsley, two spoons in the bowl, more naan on the side
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Indian night at home made easy thanks to this quick & flavourful recipe for Butter Chicken. Best served up with steamed rice and naan bread but so good, you might just wanna eat it by the spoonful (we don’t judge). Alright, folks. I give you full fledged permission to LAY IT ON ME. Give me […]

bowl with two yellow chicken breasts on a bed of arugula in a bowl garnished with fresh chopped parsley
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This recipe for Turmeric Chicken is super simple to make with only a few basic spices you probably already have in the cabinet. It adds a wonderful flavour and vibrant pop of colour to any dish! Man, I’m not gonna lie. I really can’t believe this is pretty much my first ever Turmeric forward recipe […]