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Looking for the perfect cocktail to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day?! This Recipe for Irish Mule is just what you’re looking for! It’s light, refreshing, and so easy to make using only a handful of simple ingredients.

I grew up celebrating St. Patrick’s Day in Toronto. Or should I rephrase that to say I grew up working in bars in Toronto on St. Patrick’s Day. March 17th is the one day of the year where everyone and their mother is allowed to dress up in all of the green clothes they’ve ever owned, put some shamrocks stickers on their faces (only me?!), and yell “Sláinte” on the tops of their lungs as they chug a pint of guinness while dancing to traditional Celtic music.

Yeah, it really does get rowdy and obnoxious on that day but I can’t lie – I never had a problem joining in on the festivities. I just loved dressing the part and the part wouldn’t be complete without an Irish cocktail in hand. Am I right?! Not to mention, the last bar I worked at was home of the $3.50 jameson shot. And I swear, if I had taken just one more, I really would have turned Irish.

two irish mules with a lime wedges next to more limes and a bottle of jameson

Since moving from Toronto to the West Coast and with my bartending days behind me (at least for now), St. Patrick’s Day these years have looked a little bit different. I’ve pretty much parted ways with all of my green wigs and tutus and I can’t say that I remember the last time I had a pint of good ol’ green beer.

Going out in large crowds for the sole purpose of drinking my face off and pretending I’m Irish seems like it’s become a thing of the past. But hey, that doesn’t mean I still don’t love a classic festive cocktail. And that definitely doesn’t mean that I won’t be downing a few on the day of.

When it comes to this recipe for Irish mule, it’s a reminder that celebrating St. Patrick’s Day doesn’t have to be all loud and rowdy. So, whether you’re sipping it at home with loved ones or raising a glass with friends at a cozy gathering, this Irish Mule brings a taste of Irish charm to any occasion.

With its smooth Irish whiskey, zesty lime, and spicy ginger beer, it’s the perfect way to raise a glass and toast to the luck of the Irish!


ingredients for recipe for irish mule - lime juice, ice cubes, lime wedges, irish whiskey, ginger beer
Complete list of ingredients and amounts can be found in the recipe card below.

You don’t need to be a bartender or have any special skills to make this recipe for Irish mule. It’s just a handful of simple and refreshing ingredients that come together beautifully to create a delightful and refreshing cocktail. So, whatcha waiting for?! Let’s get into them in a little bit more detail down below:

  • Irish Whiskey: This is the primary alcoholic component of the drink. Irish whiskey is typically made from a mixture of malted and unmalted barley and aged in wooden casks. It has a smooth and slightly sweet flavour profile compared to other types of whiskey. I used Jameson in this recipe for Irish Mule. However, other popular brands include Bushmills and Tullamore D.E.W.
  • Ginger Beer: A non-alcoholic carbonated beverage with a spicy ginger flavour. It’s an essential component of the Irish Mule, providing the drink with its signature fizziness and gingery kick. When selecting ginger beer, look for ones with a strong ginger flavor and ideally made with natural ingredients.

  • Fresh Lime Juice: Adds a citrusy brightness to the drink, balancing out the sweetness of the ginger beer and complementing the rich flavours of the whiskey. Try to use freshly squeezed lime juice for the best results and flavour, as it provides a vibrant and tart taste.

  • Lime Wedge: A lime wedge is a common garnish to the rim of the glass or placed on the drink’s surface. It not only enhances the presentation but also allows drinkers to squeeze a bit more lime juice into their drink if desired, intensifying the citrus flavour.

  • Ice Cubes: Essential for chilling the drink and providing a refreshing temperature. They also help dilute the drink slightly as they melt. This can help balance the flavours and make the cocktail more enjoyable, especially if the whiskey is high-proof or the ginger beer is very spicy. Therefore, don’t skip ’em!
hand holding an irish mule cocktail with ice and lime wedge


hand holding a copper mug with ice and a lime wedge

You can find full instructions for how to make this refreshing Irish cocktail in the recipe card down below. But here are a few quick tips to keep in mind:

  • Use quality Ingredients. Therefore, opt for high-quality Irish whiskey, fresh ginger beer, and freshly squeezed lime juice. The quality of ingredients greatly influences the final taste of the cocktail.

  • Choose the right glassware. Traditionally, Irish Mules are served in copper mugs. Using the proper glassware not only adds to the aesthetic appeal but also helps keep the drink cold for longer periods. However, if you don’t have one on hand – don’t fret – just use a regular glass!

  • Measure ingredients properly. To achieve the perfect balance of flavours, use a jigger or a measuring tool to accurately measure the whiskey, ginger beer, and lime juice. This ensures consistency in taste with each pour.

  • Adjust sweetness and tartness. Taste your Irish Mule after mixing and adjust the sweetness and tartness to your preference. You can add a bit more lime juice for extra tartness. Or a splash of simple syrup if you prefer a sweeter drink.

  • Don’t overmix. Stir the ingredients gently to combine them without overmixing. Overmixing can cause the carbonation in the ginger beer to dissipate quickly, resulting in a flat cocktail.

  • Use fresh ice cubes. Fresh ice cubes will keep your drink colder for longer and prevent it from becoming overly diluted. If possible, use larger ice cubes to minimize melting. However, whatever you do, don’t skip ’em!

  • Garnish with care. A lime wedge garnish not only adds visual appeal but also enhances the aroma of the cocktail. Squeeze the lime wedge gently over the drink before placing it on the rim of the glass. EXTRA TIP: While a lime wedge is traditional, feel free to experiment with other garnishes. A sprig of fresh mint or a slice of candied ginger add extra flavour and flair.
2 irish mule cocktail with ice and lime



An Irish Mule is a delightful cocktail known for its refreshing and flavourful combination of ingredients. It typically consists of three main components: Irish whiskey, ginger beer and fresh lime juice. The Irish whiskey brings its distinctive smooth and slightly sweet flavour profile to the mix, providing a rich base for the cocktail. Ginger beer, with its spicy and sparkling nature, adds a lively kick to the drink. It also creates a refreshing contrast to the whiskey.

Freshly squeezed lime juice adds a bright and citrusy tang, balancing out the sweetness of the ginger beer and enhancing the overall flavour profile. Served over ice in a copper mug or glassware of choice and often garnished with a lime wedge, the Irish Mule is a popular choice for those seeking a whiskey-based cocktail with a refreshing twist.


The Irish Mule is a delightful variation of the classic Moscow Mule cocktail. While both cocktails share a similar structure and presentation, they differ primarily in their choice of base spirit. The Moscow Mule traditionally features vodka as its primary alcoholic component, while the Irish Mule swaps out vodka in favor of Irish whiskey.

In terms of ingredients, the Irish Mule typically consists of Irish whiskey, ginger beer and lime juice.
On the other hand, the Moscow Mule uses vodka instead of Irish whiskey, resulting in a lighter and crisper taste profile. Vodka’s neutral flavour allows the spicy ginger beer and tart lime juice to take center stage, creating a cocktail that’s bright, zesty, and incredibly refreshing.


The combination of Jameson Irish whiskey, ginger ale and lime is commonly known as a “Jameson, Ginger, and Lime” or simply a “Jameson and Ginger.” It’s a popular and refreshing cocktail that showcases the smooth and slightly sweet flavours of Jameson whiskey, complemented by the spicy ginger ale and the tartness of lime. Lots of people enjoy this cocktail for its simplicity and balance of flavours.

hands holding two copper mugs with ice and lime wedges








two irish mule cocktails with ice and lime wedge


Yield: 1 Cocktail
Prep Time: 5 minutes
Total Time: 5 minutes

Looking for the perfect cocktail to celebrate St. Patrick's Day?! This Recipe for Irish Mule is just what you're looking for! It's light, refreshing and so easy to make using only a handful of simple ingredients.


  • 2 oz. Irish Whiskey such as Jameson or Bushmills
  • 8 oz. Ginger Beer
  • 1/2 oz. Lime Juice, freshly squeezed
  • Lime Wedge, for garnish
  • Ice Cubes


  1. Fill a copper mug (or any glass) with ice cubes.
    ice cubes in a copper mug
  2. Pour the Irish whiskey and lime juice over the ice.
    copper mug with ice cubes, irish whiskey at the bottom
  3. Top off with ginger beer. Stir gently to combine. Garnish with a lime wedge. Serve and enjoy your refreshing Irish Mule!
    irish mule in a copper mug with a lime wedge next to a bottle of jameson


Traditionally, Irish Mules are served in copper mugs which not only adds to the aesthetic appeal but also helps keep the drink cold for longer periods. However, if you don't have one on hand, using a regular glass is just fine.

Nutrition Information:
Yield: 1 Serving Size: 1
Amount Per Serving: Calories: 268Total Fat: 0gSaturated Fat: 0gTrans Fat: 0gUnsaturated Fat: 0gCholesterol: 0mgSodium: 20mgCarbohydrates: 37gFiber: 0gSugar: 33gProtein: 0g

Nutrition is only an estimate and calculated using Nutritionix.

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