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These Bacon Cheese Egg Bites with Lettuce and Tomato aka mini BLT Egg Sliders are always a hit with the entire crowd! They’re super fun to make, can be prepped in advance and are the Low Carb/Keto answer to still enjoying a good ol’ BLT. You’re welcome.

I’m not gonna lie, I’m BIG on a good BLT. It’s been my hangover cure on more occasions than I can count and is one of those classic sandwiches that has rightfully earned its spot on the top of many-a people’s list of all time favourite sandwiches (We *OBVIOUSLY* all have one of those…right?!) Crispy crunchy bacon. Crisp fresh lettuce. A nice juicy slice of tomato. Fresh toasted bread. And of course, a sauce of some sort (whether that be mayo or ranch). Are you salivating yet? I mean, something so simple yet so delicious… what’s not to love?

Well, unfortunately that’s where the Keto diet comes in and absolutely destroys my hopes and dreams of being able to eat BLTs in their natural state. Since it’s a Low Carb diet, that beloved fresh toasted bread I was talking about earlier is a thing of the past. And like, I’m sure we could all agree that the bread (for any good sandwich, for that matter) is basically the best part. At least I did before I made these Keto friendly, Low Carb and Gluten Free BLT Egg Sliders. Move over bread. We’ve got some hard boiled eggs in town!

bacon cheese egg bites with tomato, lettuce and everything but the bagel seasoning on a plate, hand holding the plate

These Bacon Cheese Egg Bites, BLT Egg Sliders, BLT Egglets, Hard Boiled Egg BLTs (or whatever else you want to call them) will definitely satisfy any BLT craving that comes a-knocking. They make a great snack, breakfast or light lunch but are also a great party appetizer. You know, THE appetizer of the party where everyone just has to have the recipe for?! Yeah, that kinda appetizer. Annnnnd lucky for you, these BLT Egg Bites are so dang easy to make, we can hardly call it a recipe.

Trrrrrust. You’re gonna love them (just as much as all them people at the party!)


ingredients for bacon cheese egg bites - hard boiled eggs, tomatoes, bacon, cheese, whole grain mustard, mayo, salt, pepper, everything but the bagel seasoning
Complete list of ingredients and amounts can be found in the recipe card below.

If you didn’t know the kinds of tricks ya gal has up her sleeve from time to time and had one glance at the ingredients, a BLT of some sort would definitely come to mind. Am I right? So, obviously the ingredients you need for this bunless BLT recipe shares a lot of the same ones you’d expect to find in a good BLT recipe. Let’s discuss them in a little bit more detail down below:

  • Bacon: Bacon just makes everything better and more flavourful with it’s salty and addicting vibes. I used regular ol’ bacon but feel free to use whatever bacon you have on hand whether that be thick cut, smoked or flavoured. Try my Oven Method for Broiling Bacon.
  • Lettuce: Adds the perfect fresh crisp crunch to these BLT Egg Sliders. I love using a good romaine or leaf lettuce. However, you can use whatever leafy green you have on hand. Arugula, spinach and kale make great alternatives.
  • Tomatoes: Adds some acidity and a juicy fresh bite to these Keto friendly BLT Egglets. Use as small size of a tomato as you can find. Cherry tomatoes work great but any sliced tomato (as long as you cut them on the thinner and smaller side) will get the job done just fine. I used Roma, as that’s all I had on hand.
  • Cheese: I mean, I love a good BLT with a slice of cheese slapped all up in there so why wouldn’t these BLT Egg Sliders not be deserving of the extra deliciousness?! You can leave the cheese out if you don’t feel the same way here but I love it for the flavour and creaminess it adds. I used cheddar but you can use whatever cheese you’ve got kicking around in the fridge.
  • Hard Boiled Eggs: The real star of the show (I know. I know. Next to bacon?! Who am I?!) But seriously! Hard boiled eggs turn into the bun for these BLT sliders and replace the need for any actual bread. Keto, low carb and gluten free friends rejoice! A great source of protein and a cute little vessel to hold all the goods, the hard boiled eggs *almost* make these babies too cute to eat. Try my Instant Pot Method for Hard Boiling Eggs.
  • Mayo: Cause what’s a classic BLT without a healthy smear of mayo?! It adds flavour and creaminess to the Egg Bites. Make your own by following this easy recipe orrrrr to save on time and for convenience, use a good quality store bought version. For a different boost of flavour, try using Chipotle Mayo or Spicy Mayo instead.
  • Whole Grain Mustard: Adds texture and the perfect crunch for these mini BLT Egg Bites. You can use regular mustard or dijon instead, if you prefer. If you’re not feeling the mustard at all, try using hot sauce, ketchup, ranch dressing or guacamole instead.
  • Everything but the Bagel Seasoning: The spice that has it all! Not only does it bring the dish to life by making the eggs look like little hamburger buns but it adds an abundance of flavour.
  • Salt/Pepper: Always put a little bit of salt and pepper on your BLTs no matter which way they come. ALWAYS.
blt egg bites on a plate with everything but the bagel seasoning


hand holding a hard boiled egg blt with a bite in it

You can find full instructions for how to make these Low Carb BLT Egg Sliders in the recipe card down below, but here are a few quick tips to keep in mind for this recipe:

  • Have all your ingredients cooked and ready to go before starting to assemble the BLTs. It could be a little bit of a messy process due to the mayo and tomatoes so working quickly and efficiently is going to be key in this recipe. EXTRA TIP: Use small sized ingredients. Cut your cheese, bacon and lettuce into small pieces so they fit between the egg halves. Use cherry tomatoes if you can swing it. The smaller the ingredients are, the less difficulty you’ll have assembling the BLTs and getting the ingredients to stay inside. EXTRA EXTRA TIP: While you can definitely prep the ingredients beforehand (cut them all up, cook the eggs and bacon, etc.) don’t start assembling them too far in advance as the tomato and mayo will make the lettuce soggy. Simply store them in an airtight container in the fridge until ready to use.
  • Slice a little tiny piece off the bottom of each egg before assembling the BLTs. Don’t skip this part, especially if you’re planning on serving these at a party or gathering. The little slice off the bottom will help the egg sliders stand up right and hold their position. Without it, they’ll have a difficult time standing up and roll/fall all over the place.
  • Use toothpicks to hold the BLT filling inside the egg sliders. It’s quite a lot of “filling” for a tiny ol’ hard boiled egg and the toothpick is the saving grace when it comes to keeping or holding it altogether.
hand grabbing a blt egg bite off a plate with the rest of them



YES! These little bite sized snacks of glory are the perfect meal prep idea. You can pretty much do everything in advance – cook the bacon, cook the eggs, cut all the ingredients, mix the mayo. However, I don’t recommend actually assembling these babies until you’re ready to serve or eat them. The juiciness of the tomato and sauces will make the lettuce wilt and turn soggy as it sit in the fridge.

Simply store the ingredients in airtight containers and keep them in the fridge until ready to use.


No. Because of the fresh ingredients in the filling, you can’t freeze these Egg Bites. They’re best eaten fresh soon after they’re assembled.


These BLT Egg Bites are best served cold or at room temperature as that’s when the ingredients are at their freshest and crispness. Heating them will make the tomato and lettuce soggy and the mayo mixture runny.

blt egg bites on a plate with everything but the bagel seasoning
blt egg bites on a plate with grainy mayo


Yield: 6 Bites
Prep Time: 10 minutes
Total Time: 10 minutes

These Bacon Cheese Egg Bites with Lettuce and Tomato aka mini BLT Egg Sliders are always a hit with the entire crowd! They're super fun to make, can be prepped in advance and are the Low Carb/Keto answer to still enjoying a good ol' BLT. You're welcome.



  1. Cut each egg in half and then slice a tiny sliver off the bottom of 6 of those halves. This will help the eggs hold their position and stand up right.
    hand with a knife in one hand and a sliced hard boiled egg in the other, slice of the egg on the knife
  2. Mix the mayo and mustard in a bowl until well combined.
    whole grain mustard on top of mayo in a bowl
    mayo and whole grain mustard mixed in a bowl
  3. Spread the mayo mixture evenly over one half of the egg (you can do both halves if you like it extra saucy).
    grainy mustard and mayo on a half a hard boiled egg over a plate of tomatoes, cheese, lettuce and bacon
  4. Top with a piece of bacon, lettuce, tomato and cheese.
    hand holding a piece of cheddar cheese on tomato with lettuce and bacon
  5. Cover with the other egg half then place a toothpick in the center to hold everything together.
    toothpick piercing a hard boiled egg stuffed with lettuce, tomato, cheese and bacon
  6. Sprinkle with salt, pepper and everything but the bagel seasoning. Serve immediately.
    blt egg bites on a plate with everything but the bagel seasoning
Nutrition Information:
Yield: 6 Serving Size: 1
Amount Per Serving: Calories: 255Total Fat: 19gSaturated Fat: 8gTrans Fat: 0gUnsaturated Fat: 9gCholesterol: 221mgSodium: 521mgCarbohydrates: 6gFiber: 1gSugar: 2gProtein: 16g

Nutrition is only an estimate and calculated using Nutritionix.

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